Hey sweethearts!

After a long time I decided to FINALLY start blogging again. It´s been a while because I had quite a busy time and nothing really special to write a blog entry about buuuut now finally there´s something quite exciting going on.

Because I´m not feeling comfortable about my weight which is about 176,15 pounds at the moment, I am starting off with a work out kind of thing and some change in my eating habits today. To be honest I don´t feel to good about it because I am really afraid of not being able to really do this and keep working on it. The program I´m working on is "How to loose 10 pounds in 2 weeks", I will post the link below for each of you who want to do it too.

So this is the first day of my work out and I´m now starting with 100 sit-ups, hopefully around 50 push-ups and some squats and I will do that at least one but better two times a day. Also I´m changing my eating habits as said before which at the time means that first of all I´m having a breakfast with milk or yogurt and some kind of cereals (I will take different kinds of cereals to make sure I won´t get bored!). For lunch I will try to eat salad and maybe some meat everyday, which I already tried some time ago and I don´t think that I will have too many problems with that. For dinner I will try to really cut out carbs because your body is not able to digest them at night and eating carbs too late will make you fat but I guess everyone knows about that already :D

So starting off with 176,15 pounds I will now try to reach 166 pounds BUT I´m also happy if I´m only loosing about 4 pounds which would be absolutely perfect!

Finally here is the link to the program on YT:

I will keep on posting about it!


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  1. GO you <3 ILU and believe in you...PS dancing is a quite good workout too *winkywink*