The last few days...

Sooo first of all sorry for my stupid first post but it was reeeally hard to figure out what to write because I wanted to make it just perfect ;D

Right after I had posted my blog address on facebook I got some little make up requests I really want to do this week ^__^ The first one was a quite nice one because it only took me about 10 minutes BUT if I worked on it for longer I guess it would definitely look better ^_^

The make up was found in a 9gag post:


I did the pomegranate make up and I guess it looks quite nice ;D of course it would have been better with the pomegranate ^__^ the picture is riiiight on the top because I could not manage to get it down here ;D

How to do it:

First of all apply some base just as you do when doing your everyday make up ^^, then you need to put some light pink or light red eyeshadow on the upper and lower eyelid, concentrate on the inner corner of your eyelid. And now you can start: Take a bright red lipliner and draw some dots, don´t do them too even but try to make it look more expressive ;D.. as you see in my picture, I let it end at the outer corners of my eye because you cannot really see the end on the picture and I guess it looks quite nice that way. In the end you will need your red lipliner again, contour your lips and fill the space with red lipstick, maybe you can also put some white eyeshadow on the middle of your lips and finish with some gloss ^^.. So now that you are done with most of the make up you will just need to put on some blush to make your face look a little bit thinner and angular (and let the make up look even more intense) ^___^

That´s it :3

And yesterday I was in Vienna where I had an amazing day at the "Donauinsel" and had some Bubbletea at "Stephansplatz".. The weather was just great and I really enjoyed it <3

I hope you have a good time too,



Welcome to my blog ^___^

So this is my first real blog and I am quite excited because of that but first of all I think I have to tell you some things about me.

My name is Yu and I live in Wels (Upper Austria). I am 17 years old and I am a student at BG/BRG Dr. Schauerstraße ^__^ It is not that easy all the time but I really like my school and enjoy learning new things
Talking about my hobbies first of all I have to tell you that I have lots of them but my favourite hobbies are singing, dancing, theatre, reading and writing stories ^__^

What I want to write about in this blog is fashion, my life and things that touch me. Of course sometimes it will be a bit like a diary but I will also write about more serious topics ^^

Have a nice day <3