Hello cuties :3

This is my blog entry NUMBEEER TWO about the weight loss program I am working on right now!
So as you might remember yesterday I was about 176,15 pounds and I was really happy when I saw that I am only 174,60 pounds today which means that I already lost 1,55 pounds! YES!

I know that I have only lost some water yet but because I´m also trying to gain more muscle mass at the same time so this is totally okay with me :3

Here´s what I ate today:
It´s sunday so for breakfast I had two rolls with boiled ham, some apple and half a kiwi.
Also, just for your information if you are not watching the videos, I started to only drink water or water with some lemonjuice (pure with no sugar added!) which is way better than normal water and still has nearly no calories.
For lunch today I had some light yogurt (without any sugar added, just normal yogurt) and an apple again.
Finally for dinner I had some chicken and vegetables but NO potatoes because I´m not eating carbs... Well to be honest I had some peas and corn. Hopefully this will not have a too big impact on what I´m doing!

Still I did my workout just like yesterday but I didn´t find time or possibility to really do my cardio training today which means today was not too successful but - I will find out about that tomorrow ;D

After all thanks to everyone who reads my blog and maybe follows this weight loss program I am doing :3


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