Hello sweethearts :D

This is my third entry and again I´m just super excited about this <3

The last weeks were super thrilling and I did not even have a single minute to write an entry so now I´m gonna try to tell you about those last weeks ^__^ I had some quite nice holidays but not a single minute left to learn ;D

First of all I went to Vienna (on the 1st of April) just for fun because I wanted to do some shopping, hoping I would find some clothing for a party I went to (on the 7th of April :D). I watched "The Woman In Black" and I went bowling with an old and some new friends ^__^ On Monday I had fun going shopping with my sister and I bought a new black summer dress and a nice violet and black shirt. I also bought myself some new eyeshadow and also a new blush by Catrice.

The following week was quite nice because I spent nearly every minute with my sister and one day with my mother who got her hair dyed in a reeeeaally nice reddish tone.

On Saturday (after work of course) I went to Vienna for the party I wanted to go to. At first it was not so nice but then I met some cool new people, danced and had a lot of fun! On Monday we had dinner at a Greek restaurant which is not too far away from my place and on Tuesday my sister, my mother and me went to a therm <3

So no fiiiinally I can tell you about this weekend which was really great ^__^ On Saturday I went to Munich with my sister and two of my best friends were we went to my first Gyaru Meet Up <3 We met so many new people and I would definitely call them new friends of mine <3 I have never felt as comfortable at a meet up as yesterday <3 (I can´t stop writing hearts :D)

This is what I looked like yesterday <3 (it was already around 11 pm)

I bought this nail polish yesterday at "Douglas" in Munich. It´s by NYX and the color is called "Sea of Cortez" <3

This is what it looks like on my nails..

I also got a new spring lipstick some time ago <3 It´s called Pinker-bell and it´s by Catrice <3

Now this is it for today <3 I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and you will maybe follow me and keep on reading my blog!



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