Sooo this is day six already, I did not have time at all to write my blog entries for day four and day five but I´m really working out and keeping an eye on my target :D
As you can remember I started off with a weight of 176,15 pounds on day one and noooow I have already reached 173,72 which is not that much of a weight loss but still I am proud of it!

My meals of the last few days were mostly salad with prawns, tomato, mozzarella, olives and some other things because I really need some variety :D

Also I´m now dancing everyday, because my prom finally takes place next fridaaaay - one more thing I am very excitet about and one of my reasons to really lose weight!

I need to skimp because it´s half past ten pm already and I am too tired to write some more about my weight loss program :D


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